Saturday, 21 July 2007

lonely day

Hi, my dear friendAgain, it is such a lonely day, so long and boring, and I can do nothing butdream of my soul mate and imagine how passionate and emotional we could betogether.Try to imagine that it is a romantic evening, soft music is playing on thebackground, and your voice (a charming music!) so soft and kind speaks wordsof love to me… Do you want to come to me tomorrow in the evening? Or maybeyou will guess my dream and will wish to stay forever! I can’t live withoutyou and I am ready to run to you, to breakany social appropriations, toforget about everything, because I want to fall in love with you!I want to close my eyes and remember yours, I dream to sit by the window andremember a touch of your hand, a touch of your cheek, a touch of your lips…I want to have this romantics in my life and. I know that I deserve to behappy. I am waiting at for your romantic words and Iwill be happy if your road of destiny will intersect with mine.

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